Valentin Lorentz — ÉNS de Lyon


E-mail: (GPG key, 3790 43E3 DF96 D323 7E67 82AC 0E08 2B40 E437 6B1E)
M7 310 (Monod, third floor, south-east wing)



In the first semester, I teach CAP (Compilation and Program Analysis) to M1 students of the ÉNS with Laure Gonnord and Aurore Alcolei.

In the second semester, I will teach ASR2 (Architecture, Systems, and Networks) to the ÉNS' L3 class with Michael Rao, Rémy Grünblatt, and Alexandre Talon.


During 2016-2017, I supervised the Projet Intégré of M1 students of the ÉNS with Eddy Caron and Issam Raïs.

In the second semester, I taught ASR2 (Architecture, Systems, and Networks) to the ÉNS' L3 class with Michael Rao, Fabrice Mouhartem, and Loïc Pottier.

Current research (M2 internship and PhD)

Working on energy and traceability of data with Laurent Lefèvre (energetic aspects) and Gilles Fedak (data management aspects) at the Avalon research team.

Past research

Summer 2015: M1 internship on the compilation of a Lustre-like language to Etac and optimizations passes for Etac with Marc Pouzet and Ulysse Beaugnon.
Etac is an intermediate representation, similar to LLVM IR, with features inspired by synchronous languages.
Summer 2014: L3 internship on the formalization in Coq of LambdaJS with Alan Schmitt and Martin Bodin.
LambdaJS is a small purely functional language, based on Javascript, and designed to interpret Javascript.
My code is available on GitHub.

Other noteworthy stuff

I am a member of the Projet Pensées Profondes, which created Platypus, a question-answering tool.

I am the main developer of Limnoria, a popular IRC bot.

I am an active member of three student organizations at the ENS de Lyon: