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Welcome to my research webpage, an easy access to some of my work-related documents.

I am a PhD student part of the Plume team in the LIP laboratory at ENS of Lyon. I am also doing an international joint supervision with the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. My supervisors and co-supervisors are Pierre Clairambault, Olivier Laurent and Glynn Winskel.

My main computer science interests are in logics and programming semantics, mostly through games and types. Yet I remain curious about certification, automata and graph theory.


The talk will be in French but the slides in English. It will be followed by a little gathering in salle passerelle.

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Email: aurore \dot alcolei \at ens-lyon \dot org
[GPG public key], fingerprint: 480A 2FC0 D184 B2D7 3937 E65E 3326 6677 F97B 5D68.

LIP, ENS Lyon, Site Monod
46 Allée d'Italie
69364 Lyon (France)
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