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Welcome to my research webpage, an easy access to some of my work-related documents.

Since january 2022, I am working as a post-doct in the LACL laboratory of the UPEC University, collaborating with Luc Pellissier and Alexis Saurin. I am currently working on parallel syntax and interactive semantics for proof search.

I did my PhD in the Plume team of the LIP laboratory at ENS of Lyon, in joint supervision with the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. I was supervised by Pierre Clairambault, Olivier Laurent and Glynn Winskel, working on concurrent games semantics for proofs and programs.

Previously I worked as a post-doct at the University of Bologna within the DIAPASoN ERC project directed by Ugo Dal Lago. My topics was on differential program semantics based on game models.

Key words: game semantics, parallel programming, proof theory, linear logics, category theory.


Email: aurore \dot alcolei \at ens-lyon \dot org
[GPG public key], fingerprint: 480A 2FC0 D184 B2D7 3937 E65E 3326 6677 F97B 5D68.

P2-211, LACL, Département d’Informatique
Faculté des Sciences et Technologie
61 avenue du Général de Gaulle
94010 Créteil Cedex