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Seminar DynamIST

DynamIST is biweekly seminar in Dynamical Systems featuring two speakers at a time. Please see the website here or contact me for more information.

Scientific papers

On length-spectral rigidity of generic axis-symmetric domains, with Vadim Kaloshin. Work in progress.

On the existence of periodic invariant curves for analytic families of twist maps and billiards, with Alfonso Sorrentino.

Diamond structures in invariant curves of analytic convex billiards. with Vadim Kloshin

Only quadrics have pseudo-caustics, on caustics of Riemannian, pseudo-Euclidean and projective billiards in higher dimensions, submitted to Mathematische Zeitschrift, 2023.

Lecture notes on Birkhoff billiards: dynamics, integrability and rigidity, with Vadim Kaloshin and Alfonso Sorrentino.
To appear in Modern Aspects of Dynamical systems (Cetraro, Italy 2021).
Series: Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Springer.
Editors: Claudio Bonanno, Alfonso Sorrentino, Corinna Ulcigrai.

Examples of reflective projective billards to appear in Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems.

On projective billiards with open subsets of triangular orbits to appear in Israel Journal of Mathematics.

Open problems on billiards and geometric optics with Misha Bialy, Alexey Glutsyuk, Mark Levi, Alexander Plakhov, Serge Tabachnikov, Arnold Mathematical Journal, 2021.

Complex caustics of the complex elliptic billiard, Arnold Mathematical Journal, august 2020.

On the circumcenters of triangular orbits in elliptic billiard, Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems, february 2021.

Le théorème de Lindemann-Weierstrass, Journal de mathématique des élèves de l'ENS de Lyon, 2015.