One-ended spanning subforests and treeability of groups

Clinton T. Conley, Damien Gaboriau, Andrew S. Marks, Robin D. Tucker-Drob

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We show that several new classes of groups are measure strongly treeable. In particular, finitely generated groups admitting planar Cayley graphs, elementarily free groups, and the group of isometries of the hyperbolic plane and all its closed subgroups. In higher dimensions, we also prove a dichotomy that the fundamental group of a closed aspherical 3-manifold is either amenable or has strong ergodic dimension 2. Our main technical tool is a method for finding measurable treeings of Borel planar graphs by constructing one-ended spanning subforests in their planar dual.
Our techniques for constructing one-ended spanning subforests also give a complete classification of the locally finite pmp graphs which admit Borel a.e. one-ended spanning subforests.