I am a second year PhD student in Lyon, France, at ENS Lyon, co-directed by Christophe Alias and Keiji Kimura. I work on the Polytrace project for INRIA Lyon. I work with the CASH research team at the LIP laboratory.


The subject of my PhD thesis is to study the use of program trace analysis to infer compiler optimizations. I currently work on an implementation of a memory storage optimization tool named Pola, whose goal is to reduce memory footprint by careful analysis of temporary arrays' liveness.


Lightweight Array Contraction by Trace-Based Polyhedral Analysis
Hugo Thievenaz, Keiji Kimura and Christophe Alias
IMPACT'22 Towards a Trace-Based Polyhedral Model
Hugo Thievenaz, Keiji Kimura and Christophe Alias
ComPAS'22 A Polyhedral Approach for Scalar Promotion
Alec Sadler, Christophe Alias and Hugo Thievenaz