Isabelle Guérin Lassous




I am a Professor at Université Lyon I. I teach in the computer science unit at Université Lyon I and I do my research in the project INRIA Dante at LIP (ENS Lyon).

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Research                                              Teaching

LIP                                                          Université Lyon I
ENS Lyon                                                  UFR d’Informatique, Bâtiment Nautibus
46, allée d’Italie                                         23-25 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin
69364 Lyon Cedex 07                                 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex

FRANCE                                                    FRANCE

Phone: +33 4 26 23 38 18                           Phone: +33 4 26 23 44 51
Fax: +33 4 72 72 80 80                              Fax: +33 4 72 43 15 36




My research interests are in the areas of distributed algorithms and networking. My current researches mainly concern wireless networks.

Here are some recent publications (2015 and 2014):

- Special issue on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks, Mónica Aguilar-Igartua, Francesca Cuomo and Isabelle Guérin Lassous, editors, Ad Hoc Networks 24:1-2, 2015.
- Mobilité contrôlée pour la poursuite de frelons, Laurent Reynaud, Isabelle Guérin Lassous and Jacques-Olivier Calvar, Algotel, 2015.
- Modeling of IEEE 802.11 multi-hop wireless chains with hidden nodes,Thiago Abreu, Bruno Baynat, Thomas Begin, Isabelle Guérin Lassous and Nghi Nguyen, ACM MSWiM, 2014.

 For the full list of publications, see Publications



- Editorial Team of the electronic journal Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science. In 2006, we have opened a new Section entitled Distributed Computing and Networking.  
- Editorial Board of Elsevier’s Computer Communications journal.
- Editorial Board of Elsevier’s Ad Hoc Networks journal.

I am in the Program Committee of:

- ICC 2016 (May 23-27, Kuala Lumpur, India)
- Globecom 2015 (December 6-10, San Diego, CA, USA)
- MSWiM 2015 (November 2-6, Cancun, Mexico)
- PE-WASUN 2015 (November 2-6, Cancun, Mexico)
- ISCC 2015 (July 6-9, Larnaca, Cyprus)
- ICDCS 2015 (June 29- July 2, Columbus, Ohio, USA)
- MedHocNet 2015 (June 17-18, Vilamoura, Portugal)
- ICC 2015 (June 8-12, London, UK)

PhD students
I (co-)supervise three PhD students:

- Laurent Reynaud, "Stratégies de mobilité optimisées pour la tolérance aux perturbations et la conservation énergétique dans les réseaux sans fil", Orange
- Huu Nghi Nguyen, "Admission control in SDN networks", co-supervision with T. Begin and A. Busson, University Lyon 1
- Mohammed Amer, "WiFi network management: a SDN approach", co-supervision with A. Busson, University Lyon 1

(On-going) Responsabilities / Committees / Projects

- Vice-head of the LIP laboratory
- Member of the section 6 of the comité national of the CNRS
- French leader of a PHC Peridot project
- Participant to the ANR DISCO project and to the ANR Reflexion project

For the other activities, see Other Activities



Enseignement (in french only)

 Pour l'année 2015/2016, à l’Université Lyon 1 :

- Cours M2 SIR/RTS QSM
- Cours M2 SIR/RTS RSF
- Cours M1 Informatique MIF11
- Cours M2 CCI - Réseaux

De 2009 à 2014, responsable de la Spécialité Réseaux du Master Informatique de l'Université Lyon 1, ainsi que du M2 Pro SIR (Systèmes Informatiques et Réseaux).