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Probing hidden orders with resonant inelastic x-ray scattering

In this paper (arXiv: 1506.04752), we systematically derive all possible correlation functions which RIXS or REXS can probe in principle, purely on the basis of symmetry. In doing so, we show that RIXS allows to probe many hidden orders, such as spin nematic and vector and scalar chiralities.

Facts and FAQs

  • This approach is entirely general. Only the low-energy degrees freedom and the symmetries of the system need to be known.
  • We are looking forward to RIXS/REXS experiments on spin nematic candidates, such as NiGa2S4.

Check it out!

  • arXiv: arXiv: 1506.04752 (15 Jun. 2015)
  • Seminar in Keimer and Takagi Abteilungen (20 Apr. 2016): pdf
  • Talk at the 2015 ICM, Barcelona (Jul. 2015): pdf
  • Condensed Matter Seminar, Johns Hopkins University (May 2015): pdf
  • Talk at the 2015 APS March Meeting, San Antonio (Mar. 2015): pdf

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