Mikael de la Salle, picture by Emmanuel Breuillard

Mikael de la Salle

CNRS Junior researcher at UMPA.

French version

mikael.de.la.salle  @  ens-lyon.fr
Office: Nord 495
Phone: +33 4 72 72 89 25


My research area is Functional analysis.


All my papers but one are on arXiv. Below is a direct link to them (last updated: february 2019).

Other texts

Raconte moi... la propriété (T), Gazette des Mathématiciens 150 (2016), 57-61.

I defended my habilitation à diriger des recherches on september, 15th 2016. The memoir, which can be downloaded here , is an expository text (in english) describing some of my research on the period 2010-2016.

My thesis, which was completed on septembre, 24th 2009, can also be downloaded here.


Ignacio Vergara.

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