multitaper time-frequency reassignment


Matlab codes: hermf.m, tfrrsp_h.m, tfrrsp_hm.m, mean_hm.m
+ an example to play with: test_hm.m (to be used with imageTF.m + the
Time-Frequency Toolbox)


J. Xiao and P. Flandrin, "Multitaper time-frequency reassignment," Proc. EUSIPCO-06, Florence (I), September 2006. pdf

J. Xiao and P. Flandrin, "Multitaper time-frequency reassignment for nonstationary spectrum estimation and chirp enhancement," IEEE Trans. on Sig. Proc., to appear. pdf
+ additional software for reproducing Fig. 2 (with a variant), Figs. 4, 6 and 7
and for determining empirical thresholds in Sect. III-B (to be used with tvnoise2.m + the Time-Frequency Toolbox + WaveLab).