I am assistant professor in the Laboratoire de Physique. My research interests cover a wide range of topics involving non linear phenomena and mixing in physics (internal waves in stratified fluids, granular media, suspensions, complex fluids. Most of these studies are based on laboratory experiments or modelisations. Two examples are given below: triadic resonance instability in stratified fluid and single bubble rising in suspension.
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Sylvain Joubaud
Laboratoire de Physique
ENS de Lyon - UMR 5672
46 allée d'Italie
69007, Lyon
Phone: (+33)4 72 72 83 79
e-mail: sylvain.joubaud@ens-lyon.fr

Single rising bubble in suspension

We experimentally study the rising dynamics of a single air bubble in a suspension. The main objective is to develop simple and well-controlled experiments in order to explore and characterize some of the main physical mechanisms at play.


Triadic Resonance Instability of Internal Waves

We experimentally study the triadic resonance instability (TRI). It plays a significant role in ocean mixing and energy transport as it provides an efficient mechanism to transfer energy from large to smaller scales. It is a class of triadic resonance wave interaction and corresponds to the destabilization of a primary plane wave and the spontaneous emission of two secondary waves, of lower frequencies and different wave vectors. We show two important results: the effect of the finite size of the beam and the influence of the presence of rotation.

parametric subharmonic instability