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Welcome to my web page!

I am a CIFRE PhD student at the LIP in ENS de Lyon, in collaboration with Outscale, a french cloud provider.
My PhD is directed by Pr. Alain Tchana, ENS de Lyon.
I also have an academic co-supervisor, Pierre Olivier, from University of Manchester, and two industry supervisors at Outscale: Mar Callau-Zori, responsible of the Data team, and Christophe Hubert, head of Engineering.

My main interest in computer science are virtualized systems, OS, cloud computing.

You can find my curiculum vitae here.

My PhD

I started my PhD in November 2021. Here is a short summary of the subject:

With the massive development of cloud computing, cloud providers start to worry about the performance of their systems. In collaboration with Outscale, we could notice that the storage is not as performant as other resources (cpu, memory, network) when virtualized. The goal of my PhD is to explore some of the reasons why the i/o requests are slowed down and propose improvements (for instance by modifying Qemu, or the QCOW2 format used for virtual disks).