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Thierry Alboussièrephoto
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CNRS researcher
Geophysics department
University of Lyon, ENS-Lyon
(33) 4 72 44 83 98

My research activities are related to the geodynamo, i.e. the magnetic field of the Earth, and to the dynamics of the outer core and inner core. Seismology tells us about the structure of the inner core while geomagnetism is the primary source of information for the dynamics of the outer core. Things are not so simple as seismology can also reveal stratification in the outer core and the geodynamo is sensitive to the inner core. The outer and inner core are very much interdependent and it makes sense to study them in a fully integrated way. Geochemistry and mineralogy provide crucial information (with more or less accuracy). My personal interest and expertise is to use available data from seismology, geomagnetism, geochemistry and mineralogy in order to build consistent dynamic models relevant to the Earth's core. For that purpose, I am building and running experiments.

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Post-doc position


Various subjects for Summer training are available:
shear dynamo
variational turbulence

updated 2nd of June 2013