Thomas Bodin -- Research

If I had to summarize the object of my research in one question, that would be: how can we quantify the state of knowledge we have about the Earth, given the measurements that we make at the surface? This includes solving an inverse problem and finding a model of the Earth that explains our observations.

But most importantly, I am interested in quantifying uncertainties and trade-offs, and exploring the level of resolution associated with different data types and inverse schemes. I have been mainly working on Bayesian (i.e. probabilistic) inverse methods where the solution is a probability density function describing the information we have about the Earth. The goal is to fully take into account observational and theoretical errors, and to propagate them towards model uncertainties.

Although I have been mainly interested in inverse theory, I am also interested in the structure and evolution of the Earth. For example, transdimensional inversion has enable to detect a mid-lithospheric low velocity zone under the Indian craton, and has the potential to better image mantle discontinuities.