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 This workshop is dedicated to the theoretical challenges in the field of quantum gases, with a strong connection to condensed matter physics -  including strongly correlated systems, low-dimensional systems, disorder effects etc. 

 One of the main goals of this workshop is to put together young researchers coming from Europe and overseas. The timetable includes 5 overview lectures by leading senior scientists in the field of cold atoms and condensed matter, about 20 lectures by junior scientists selected by the advisory committee and a poster session opened to all the participants. A special invited session is organized this year on the subject of Bose-Einstein condensation in condensed matter systems

The workshop will take place on 5-8 June 2011, at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in Lyon, France.

Previous editions of this workshop were held in Salerno (2001), Levico (2003),
Cortona (2005)
,  Grenoble (2008), and Nice (2010).

Contact: lyonbec2012@ens-lyon.fr


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