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Postdoctoral position in quantum matter theory 


We are glad to announce the opening of a postdoctoral position in quantum matter theory at the “Laboratoire de Physique” of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France. 

 The postdoctoral appointment is for 2 years. The starting date will be September 2014 (an earlier start is negotiable).


 The successful candidate is expected to work on the theory of strongly correlated bosons and fermions, inspired by the recent progresses in the field of quantum simulations using ultracold neutral atoms and trapped atoms. A particular emphasis will be devoted to the frustrating effects of artificial gauge fields and/or competing interactions on the equilibrium and dynamical properties of lattice bosons and fermions. The challenging task of investigating quantum many-body systems with frustration will be tackled using a variety of approaches, both numerical (e.g. finite-temperature and variational quantum Monte Carlo) as well as analytical (e.g. non-perturbative renormalization group). The successful candidate is expected to develop a vigorous research program, aimed at the fundamental understanding of novel quantum phases (such as chiral superfluids, quantum Hall phases, spin-liquid phases, etc.) as well as at formulating quantitative predictions for the ongoing experiments on atomic physics quantum simulators. The successful candidate will work in the Theory Division of the Laboratoire de Physique of the ENS Lyon, in collaboration with Tommaso Roscilde, Peter Holdsworth and Andrei Fedorenko. The postdoctoral fellowship is financed by the French national research agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, ANR) through the junior grant ArtiQ: Artificial Quantum Spin Systems from Atomic Physics ANR-13-JS04-0005-01. Computational resources are generously provided by the Pole Scientifique de Modélisation Numérique (PSMN) of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. 

 Applicants should hold a PhD degree in Physics, and they should have a solid background in quantum many-body theory. We invite in particular the application of candidates with previous experiences in the theory of strongly correlated quantum particles and degenerate quantum gases, and in numerical approaches to quantum many-body systems.  

 To apply for the offered position, the candidates should send a curriculum vitae (including a list of publications) and a research statement to Tommaso Roscilde (  and to arrange for two recommendation letters (at least) to be sent directly to the same e-mail address.  

 Applications are welcome immediately, and will be accepted till the position is filled. 



Are you looking for a PhD project (and a fellowship?) in Condensed Matter Theory at the ENS of Lyon?
Then do not hesitate to contact me via email.
Here are some examples of possible PhD projects (in French...): 

There are a few fellowships which are assigned for students to work at the ENS Lyon by the Ecole Doctorale en Physique et Astronomie de Lyon ED-PHAST .Typically one has to file an application around May, to be interviewed around June. The necessary information on how to apply should appear in the above webpage in the spring 2014. 



Various internship projects on condensed matter theory / cold-atom theory are possible in my group. 
Do not hesitate to contact me via email. 

Plusieurs projets de stage M1/M2 en théorie de la matière condensée / atomes froids sont envisageables dans mon groupe. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par email.