Amélie Chardac

Physicist interested in soft and active condensed matter.

I am currently a postdoc in the group of Denis Bartolo, at Laboratoire de Physique, ENS de Lyon (France).

My PhD work consisted in understanding the marvelous phases of polar active matter. My current research interests include emergent collective motion, behavior of colloidal flocks in disordered media, coarsening dynamics of active fluids or frustration of topological active materials.

I address these questions by performing and analyzing experiments based on self-propelled colloids that spontaneously organize into a flock at high density (Quincke rollers).


[3]  Amélie Chardac, Ludwig A. Hoffmann, Yoann Poupart, Luca Giomi, Denis Bartolo. “Topology-driven ordering of flocking matter”. PRX (2021). [Full text] [ArXiv].
[2]  Amélie Chardac, Suraj Shankar, M. Cristina Marchetti, Denis Bartolo. “Emergence of dynamic vortex glasses in disordered polar active fluids”, PNAS (2021). [Full text][Cover][ArXiv].
[1]  Andréane Bourges, Amélie Chardac, Aude Caussarieu, Nicolas Plihon, Nicolas Taberlet.
« Oscillations in a half-empty bottle », American Journal of Physics, American Association of Physics Teachers (2018) [Full text]

My PhD thesis (in French): « Matière active polaire : ordre, désordre et défauts topologiques ». [PDF]

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email: amelie.chardac(at)