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Welcome to the Master 2 Internships Portal

ENS Lyon Computer Science Master 2 internships typically last 5 months, from February to June. Towards the end of the internship, the student has to write a report of maximum 20 pages. The report should be readable by a non-expert researcher in computer science. And indeed it will be reviewed by one expert and one non-expert member of our lab, the LIP.

If you submit a proposal (button below the image), please note that the students are in different situations. Some have a scholarship, and some do not. Thus it is a valuable information whether or not the internship can come with a funding.

It is customary that, after a successful internship (as experienced by both parties), the student starts a PhD with the same advisor or advising team. Again different situations may occur. Most students are in the third year of a 4-year curriculum. Thus there will be a gap of one year between the end of their master, and the beginning of their PhD, typically spent in several research visits. However, some students will be in a position to immediately start their PhD.

Finally, ENS Lyon will provide 3-year PhD scholarships (for PhDs happening in France) for a large fraction of the students, but perhaps not all of them. This matter should also be discussed in due time.