Jean-Michel Muller'vitae

Born 1961, Married, two children.

Current situation

Directeur de recherches au CNRS (senior researcher—DRCE1 since october 2013),  posted to laboratoire LIP, ENS-Lyon.

Head of the CNRS/ENSL/INRIA AriC project (follower of the Arenaire Project), founder and head of Arenaire from its creation in 1998 to Jan. 2004.

Co-head (with Arnaud Durand) of GDR Informatique Mathématique since july 2013.

Past situations

Chargé de mission, ST2I department of CNRS, from april 2006 to september 2009.

Head of laboratoire LIP (91 people in sept. 2004) from september 2001 to june 2006.


Engineer degree, ENSIMAG, June 1983

PhD degree, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Sept. 1985

"Habilitation à diriger des recherches", Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Nov. 1989

Training of students

Since 1989, supervisor or co-supervisor of 22 PhD students: Jean-Marc Pignolet, Philippe François, Yvan Herreros, Sylvanus Kla, Jean-Claude Bajard, Hong-Jin Yeh, Christophe Mazenc, Xavier Merrheim, Marc Daumas , Arnaud Tisserand, Vincent Lefèvre, Olivier Peyran, Claire Finot , David Defour, Saurabh Raina, Sylvain Chevillard, Mioara Joldes, Adrien Panhaleux, Erik Martin-Dorel, Serge Torres, Valentina Popescu, Antoine Plet.


Evaluation, participation to editorial boards of journals, organization of conferences, scientific councils

Member of the editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Computers from 1996 to 2000 (two 2-year terms) , and again since january 2014.

Member of the founding board of editors of Journal of Universal Computer Science(JUCS)

Former member of  INRIA's "Commission d'Evaluation"

General chair of the 10th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH-10, Grenoble, France, June 1991)

Program chair of "Real Numbers and computers 1" (Saint-Etienne, France, April 1995)

Co-program Chair of the 13th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH-13, Asilomar, USA, July 1997)

General Chair of  SCAN-97 (Lyon, Sept. 1997)

General Chair of the 14th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH-14, Adelaide, Australia, April 1999)

Co-program Chair of the 18th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH-18, Montpellier, France)

General Chair of the 22nd IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH-22, Lyon, France)

Guest editor of various special issues of journals, author of two research  books: see publications

Member of the steering committees of the Arith and RNC conferences

Vice-Member of the Scientific council of Grenoble INP (2008-2011)

Member of the Scientific council of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (2010-2014)

Member of the Scientific Council of CERFACS since 2012.

Recent international collaboration

Milos Ercegovac (UC Los Angeles, USA)

Tomas Lang (UC Irvine, USA)

Peter Kornerup (Odense University, Danemark)


Médaille d'argent du CNRS, 2013

Best paper award, ASAP 2011 (with F. de Dinechin, B. Pasca and A. Plesco)

Best paper award, ASAP 2004 (with M.D. Ercegovac)

2nd Seymour Cray France award, 1991

Médaille de bronze du CNRS, 1990


Senior Member of  the IEEE

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