Books, Proceedings and Special Issues edition




  • Zhiyi Huang, Zhiwei Xu, Laurent Lefèvre, Hong Shen, John Hine, and Yi Pan. Special Issue on Emerging Research in Parallel and Distributed Computing, Journal of Supercomputing, volume 51, March 2010


  • Zhiyi Huang, Zhiwei Xu, Nathan Rountree, Laurent Lefevre, Hong Shen, John Hine, and Yi Pan, editors. Proceedings of PDCAT 2008 : The Ninth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies, IEEE Computer Society, Dunedin, New Zealand, December 2008

  • Thierry Priol, Laurent Lefèvre, and Rajkumar Buyya. Proceedings of CCGrid2008 : Eight IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and Grid, IEEE, Lyon, France, May 2008


  • Laurent Lefèvre and Jean-Marc Pierson. Special issue from International Conference on Pervasive Services - Journal of System and Software, Volume 80, Issue 12, Pages 1939-2076, December 2007

  • Lionel Brunie, Salim Hariri, Laurent Lefèvre, and Jean-Marc Pierson. Proceedings of ICPS2006 : International Conference on Pervasive Services, IEEE, Lyon, France, June 2006

  • David Hutchison, Spiros Denazis, Laurent Lefèvre, and Gary Minden. Proceedings of IWAN2005 : Seventh Annual International Working Conference on Active and Programmable Networks, Nice, France, November 2005

  • Craig A. Lee, Thilo Kielmann, Laurent Lefèvre, and João Gabriel Silva. Topic 6 Grid and Cluster Computing: Models, Middleware and Architectures : EuroPar 2005 Parallel Processing, volume 3648 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Berlin, Lisboa, Portugal, August 2005

  • Jayadev Misra, Wolfgang Reisig, Michael Schoettner, and Laurent Lefèvre. Topic on Distributed Algorithms : Europar 2003 Parallel Processing - 9th International Euro-Par Conference, volume 2790 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, Klagenfurt, Austria, August 2003

  • Bernard Tourancheau, Laurent Lefèvre, and Cong-Duc Pham. Proceedings of MUG 2000 : First Myrinet User Group Conference, INRIA Publisher, ISBN 2-7261-1169-6, Lyon, France, September 2000

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