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In my projects I explore aspects of physical chemistry that are essential for a sustainable development and for the environment. Physical chemical aspects related to solvation and molecular transport are key to optimize solvents and separation media and are essential to predict the environmental fate of chemical.
My current research interests concern the study of solvation, solubility and separations in alternative, environmentally friendly solvents, mainly ionic liquids, from a point of view of molecular thermodynamics.


I study the absorption of gases in ionic solvents – room temperature ionic liquids or their mixtures ( i.e. multi ionic liquids, mixtures with molecular compounds, eutectic mixtures).
The gases can be interesting to improve different separation processes, can be considered as models of complex solutes or can be used as molecular probes of the structure of the liquid solvent.

  • Ethane/Ethylene Separation

Mole fraction solubility of ethane (empty symbols) and ethylene (full symbols) at 0.1 MPa partial pressure and as a function of temperature in two ionic liquids.

Spatial distribution functions of the center of mass of ethane (left hand-side) and ethylene (right hand-side) around the terminal atoms of the imidazolium cation. The surface corresponds to an iso-probability density 3.0 times the average of the system.

  • Carbon dioxide capture by carboxylate-based ionic liquids

Effect of water on the carbon dioxide absorption of imidazolium and pyrrolidinium acetate ionic liquids: a thermodynamic, spectroscopic and molecular simulation study

Carbon dioxide absorption in mixtures of two ionic liquids with a common cation


  • Absorption of VOC in eutectic mixtures



  • Thermodynamics of cellulose dissolution in ionic liquids
  • Poly(ethylene glycol) dimethyl ether in ammonium-based ionic liquids



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