Fathoming sequestration and enrichment of metals in deep marine deposits with novel micro-X-ray emission spectroscopy

ERC DEEP-SEE (4.5 year Post-Doc)
Partner; PI is Alain Manceau from LCH & ESRF
2024 to 2029

Electrolysis of Biomass

EIC Pathfinder ELOBIO (1 PhD, 1.5 year Post-Doc)
Partner; PI is Philippe Vernoux from IRCELyon
2024 to 2028

Nanoraman for understanding electrocatalysis

Partner; PI is Emmanuel Maisonhaute from LISE
2023 to 2027

Heterofunctional Porous Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Electrolyzers

ANR HYKALIN (1.5 year post-Doc)
Partner; PI is Marion Giraud from ITODYS
2022 to 2025

Enabling fast quantum chemical methods for biomass conversion at metal/water interfaces

LabEx iMust (2 year post-Doc, 1 Master student)
Co-PI with Thomas Niehaus
2021 to 2024

Study on the hydrogen-evolution catalytic active site of metallic two-dimensional material by in-situ transmission electron microscopy

JoRISS (travel grant and Master student)
Co-PI with Chaolun Wang
2021 to 2022

Molecular simulations applied to lithium batteries

Stellantis (former PSA)/IFPEN (1 PhD)
PhD advisor
2021 to 2023

H2-Lignin: Hproduction by ligninelectrolysis : “Proof of concept” and First Principles Calculations

Institut de chimie de Lyon (2 Master students)
Co-PI with Angle Caravaca

MoSHy: Developpement of an economical electrocatalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution by coupling experiments and theoretical modelling

Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (PhD grant)
2018 to 2023

Wettability parameters by multi-scale modelling approach

Total (PhD grant)
Co-PI with Carine Michel
2018 to 2021

MUSIC: Multiscale Simulations of Bifunctional Catalysts: Application to the Hydrodeoxygenation of Molecules Extracted From Biomass.

ANR (PhD & post-Doc)
2014 to 2019

Multi-scale modelling approach for Lubrication

2016 to 2019

Molecular simulation to better understand clean-up process of detergent molecules with soot

Total (post-Doc)
Co-PI with Carine Michel
2016 to 2017

Modelling hydrogenations on alloy surfaces

Total (PhD grant)
Co-PI with Philippe Sautet
2015 to 2017

Towards Fundamentally Improved Approximations in Density Functional Theory

Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung
Personal post-Doc grant; PBELP2-143559
2012 to 2013