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    Welcome to my professional website. I'm a maître de conférences (assistant professor) in the Department of Earth Sciences in Lyon. 

My main research topics are sediment transport, erosion and instabilities. More generally, I'm interested in complex fluid dynamics and its applications to geophysics and biology. I have previously worked on the rheology of foams in Trinity College Dublin and on the hydrodynamics of plankton swimming in the DTU Center for Fluid Dynamics.


March 2017: To manufacture a nicely regular and uniform paper sheet, it can be useful to pour the wood pulp into a foam rather than simply into water. Bu then how do the pulp fibres behave when the foam is sheared? A new paper to appear in Colloids & Surfaces A.

April 2016 - New article: how does bedload contribute to river incision?

August 2015 - Does dynamic rock fragmentation increase or decrease the runout of a rockslide?

May 2014 - A new article on flowing foams, in the Journal of Rheology.

June 2011 - All copepod videos right here.

May 2010 - When the roles are reversed: copepods escape their predators. See the article here J. Roy. Soc. Interface, or there on Discovery News: World's Best Animal Jumper Identified. And you can also watch the movies on youtube.

April 2010 - Copepods attack on Discovery Channel (Slo-Mo Tuesdays, April 20).


Vincent Langlois

Assistant professor

Department of Earth Sciences

Campus de la Doua
Building Géode, room 622

e-mail vincent.langlois [@]
tel.+33  (0)4 72 43 27 42
fax. +33  (0)4 72 44 85 93
addressUMR 5276
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
2, rue Raphaël Dubois
69622 Villeurbanne CEDEX

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