Alice Malivert

PhD student in plant development

RDP · ENS de Lyon · Mechanodevo team · tutored by Olivier Hamant

photograph of Alice Malivert


I am interested in the way plants sense their environment and adapt their growth accordingly. Water intake inflates plant cells, shapes them and drives their growth, while building up a mechanical pressure from inside cells. The cell wall, a structural gel layer surrounding each cell, maintains cell mechanical integrity and prevents cells from bursting like soap bubbles. This cell wall is an evolving layer, adapting to an ever-changing environment, compromising between cell growth and mechanical resistance. Plant cells must then sense mechanical constraints to adapt their water intake, cell wall synthesis and modification as well as plant growth to the hydric constraints of their environment.

I come from Reunion Island (a small French tropical island near Madagascar, I miss the climate!). When not working I like baking, climbing, dancing (Lindy Hop, Rock, Ballroom dancing), traveling, playing badminton, reading, …