Lattices: Algorithms and Cryptography (LattAC)

The LattAC project is funded by the European Research Council, as ERC Starting Grant ERC-2013-StG-335086-LATTAC, from January 2014 to December 2018. It is hosted by ENS de Lyon.

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Contemporary cryptography, with security relying on the factorisation and discrete logarithm problems, is ill-prepared for the future: It will collapse with the rise of quantum computers, its costly algorithms require growing resources, and it is utterly ill-fitted for the fast-developing trend of externalising computations to the cloud. A promising alternative to handle these concerns is lattice-based cryptography. In this framework, the security of the protocols is inherited from the conjectured hardness of problems on Euclidean lattices, i.e., the sets of all integer linear combinations of linearly independent real vectors. The LattAC project aims at studying all computational aspects of lattices, from algorithms for manipulating them to applications. The main objective is to enable the rise of lattice-based cryptography.


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