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Directeur de Recherche, CNRS

Director of  LGL-TPE  (Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon : Terre, Planètes et Environnement)

Bâtiment Géode, 6 rue Raphaël Dubois, 69622 Villeurbanne, France 

CNRS, Université Claude Bernard (Lyon1), and ENS Lyon

tel:  +33 4 72 44 58 03


Research Interests : global seismology and studies of the deep Earth interior

Link to  read "Seismic evidence for partial melt below tectonic plates", our recent Nature paper (october 2020)

Link to  read "When plumes tickle continents", my news & views paper in Nature Geoscience (2018)

Download our tomographic models and surface wave measurements

Download 3D2018_08 Sv, our global SV-wave upper mantle model updated up to August 2018 (Debayle, Dubuffet and Durand, GRL 2016)

            Link to download 3D2018_08Sv as an ascii file from this web page (with codes and GMT scripts for plotting maps)

            Link to download 3D2018_08Sv from IRIS as an IRIS data product netCDF file

Link to access  SEISGLOB2 our global SV wave mantle model (Durand et al., GJI 2017)

Link to download our global attenuation models (Adenis et al., GJI, 2017; Adenis et al., GRL, 2017)

Link to access our global Rayleigh wave dataset (from Stéphanie Durand's webpage)

Link to download 3D2017_09Sv, our global SV-wave seismic model updated up to September 2016 (Debayle, Dubuffet and Durand, GRL 2016)
Link to download 3D2016_09Sv, our global SV-wave seismic model updated up to September 2016 (Debayle, Dubuffet and Durand, GRL 2016)
Link to download 3D2016_03Sv, our global SV-wave seismic model updated up to March 2016 (Debayle, Dubuffet and Durand, GRL 2016)
Link to download 3D2015_10Sv, updated up to October 2015 (Debayle, Dubuffet and Durand, GRL 2016)
Link to download 3D2015_07Sv, updated up to july 2015 (Debayle, Dubuffet and Durand, GRL 2016)

Link to download the Debayle and Ricard, (JGR2012, EPSL, 2013) global SV-wave seismic mode
Link to download the Debayle, Kennett and Priestley (Nature, 2005) global SV-wave seismic model

Software for inversion of massive surface wave datasets (Debayle and Sambridge, JGR,  2004)

Click here to access the documentation on how to use our software. The software package is availabe on request from Eric Debayle


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Some other things to download :

October 2020 :  "Melt mapped inside the Earth's mantle" News & views publibed by on our paper published in Nature.

August 2013 : highlight in Nature geoscience on our paper "Seismic observations of large -scale deformation at the bottom of fas-moving plates" published in EPSL, 2013

2007 Benoit Tauzin's contribution to the mantle plume website

Slices at different depths in Debayle, Kennett & Priestley (Nature, 2005) global SV-wave anisotropic model : SV 100 km - SV +aniso 100 km - SV 125 km - SV+aniso 125 km - SV 150 km - SV+aniso 150 km - SV 175 km - SV+aniso 175 km - SV 200 km - SV +aniso 200 km - SV 250 km - SV+aniso 250 km - SV 300 km - SV+aniso 300 km

 Cartoon sumarizing the results by Debayle Kennett & Priestley, Nature 2005 (jpeg, 71.8Ko)

2004 AGU presentation of our DKP2005 seismic model by Debayle Kennett & Priestley (ppt, 2,24Mb)

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