Eurostrings 2022: april 25 – 29

The Eurostrings 2022 conference took place at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon, from April 25 to April 29, 2022 and hosted 250 participants. It is part of a cycle of yearly conferences gathering researchers from all over Europe and elsewhere, working in the areas of quantum field theory, string theory, quantum gravity and related topics. The previous in-person conferences in this cycle took place 2018 in London, 2017 in Milano, and 2015 in Cambridge.  

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Henning Samtleben

Lyon seminars

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Journées de Physique Mathématique de Lyon

The Journées de Physique Mathématique de Lyon is an annual advanced school in mathematical physics for a mixed audience of mathematical physicists, especially students and young researchers.

previous editions:

06/2019: Random Tensors and SYK Models

06/2018: Quantum Chaos

06/2017: Quantum Field Theory on Curved Space-Time

09/2015: Quantum Computing

09/2014: BPS States, Hitchin Systems and Quivers

09/2013: Topological Insulators

09/2012: AdS/CFT, Supersymmetry and Integrability

09/2011: Loop Quantum Gravity

09/2008: Noncommutative Geometry

AnLy Strings & Fields

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