International Workshop

Integrable Models and Applications

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France

11 - 15 September 2006

Panorama of Lyon, as seen from Fourvière


The Fourth Annual Meeting of the EU Network


EUropean Collaboration Linking Integrability with other Disciplines 2002 - 2006

Scientific Programme:

Following the previous conferences in Florence (2003), Sozopol (2004) and Santiago (2005), the Fourth EUCLID Annual Meeting on "Integrable Models and Applications: from Strings to Condensed Matter" is organised by the Theoretical Physics Group of the Laboratory of Physics of the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon, and it shall be held in Lyon from the 11th to the 15th of September 2006. Its main purpose is to bring together senior and younger physicists from the nodes of the EUCLID network of European research institutes but it is also open to all scientists interested in this field. For logistic reasons, the number of participants is limited to 90.
The main goal of the EUCLID network of European research institutes is to understand the physics of integrable systems by identifying their fundamental mechanisms and by applying them in a variety of contexts, from string theory to condensed-matter systems. Specific objectives are: to develop the analytic and numerical methods of integrable systems and to extend the applications to nonperturbative problems in quantum field theory and statistical mechanics, to string theory and D-brane model building, and to condensed matter problems in low dimensions, including disordered and mesoscopic systems.

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Local Organizing Committee:

F. Delduc, K. Gawędzki, M. Magro, J.-M. Maillet, R. R. Suszek, V. Terras

The email addresses of the organising committee can be found here

Advisory Board:

E. Corrigan (York), K. Gawędzki (Lyon), J.-M. Maillet (Lyon)

M. Karowski (Berlin), J. L. Miramontes (Santiago), G. Mussardo (Trieste)

The list of speakers includes:

O. Babelon (U. Paris VI, France)
M. Jimbo (U. Tokyo, Japan)
Z. Bajnok (H. Acad. Sci. Budapest, Hungary) G. Korchemsky (U. Paris XI, France)
D. Bernard (ENS Paris, France) L. Miramontes (U. Santiago, Spain)
M. Caselle (U. Torino, Italy) G. Mussardo (SISSA, Italy)
J.-S. Caux (U. Amsterdam, The Netherlands) H. Saleur (CEA Saclay, France)
E. Corrigan (U. York, UK) E. K. Sklyanin (U. York, UK)
G. Delfino (SISSA, Italy) J. Teschner (DESY, Germany)
P. Dorey (U. Durham, UK) K. Zarembo (U. Uppsala, Sweden)
M. Flohr (U. Bonn, Germany)

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For further information, please contact: maillet "at" ens-lyon "dot" fr.
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