Directions to UMPA

From the airport

From the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, take the tram Rhônexpress to the Lyon Part-Dieu train station. It is a 30-minute ride.

From the Lyon Part-Dieu train station

From the Lyon Part-Dieu train station, take the subway line B towards Gare d'Oullins and exit at Debourg for the math department. At the Debourg stop, use the exit at the front of the train.

Coming to the math department

From the Debourg subway stop, use the following map to get to the entrance of the building. Once you get to the tip of the red arrow, you'll see an entrance on your left, under the overhanging building, and inside there is somebody in a booth who will point you to the department after possibly asking for your id. We're on the 4th floor.

a useful map