My Research

Research themes

I work in number theory. More precisely, here are some things that I have studied

  • p-adic Galois representations
  • rings of p-adic periods
  • (φ,Γ)-modules
  • effective methods in p-adic Hodge theory
  • p-adic and mod p representations of p-adic groups
  • the p-adic local Langlands program
  • locally analytic vectors in p-adic representations
  • p-adic dynamical systems
  • p-adic Fourier theory


Denis Benois, Christophe Breuil, Gaëtan Chenevier, Pierre Colmez, Giovanni Di Matteo, Lionel Fourquaux, Hanfeng Li, Peter Schneider, Mathieu Vienney, Bingyong Xie, Hui June Zhu

PhD students

  • Mathieu Vienney: Construction de (φ,Γ)-modules en caractéristique p (November 2012) PDF
  • Giovanni Di Matteo: Produits tensoriels en théorie de Hodge p-adique (December 2013) PDF
  • Léo Poyeton: Extensions de Lie p-adiques et (φ,Γ)-modules (April 2019) PDF