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Impurity Effects in Highly Frustrated Diamond Lattice Antiferromagnets

In this project, we study the effect of impurities in frustrated magnets with a highly degenerate ground state. We specialize to diamond lattice antiferromagnets with J1-J2 interactions. There, the ground state degeneracy is that of a surface, for couplings where J2/J1>1/8. More precisely, the spins order in a spiral whose wave-vector lies on any point of the "degeneracy surface" that corresponds to a given value of J2/J1.

We show that dilute impurities break the (ground state) degeneracy by selecting a "compromise" wave-vector in the degeneracy surface. The ground state in the presence of dilute impurities is the associated "compromise" spiral, locally deformed around impurities, making the system look like a "swiss cheese".

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authors: L. Savary, E. Gull, S. Trebst, J. Alicea, D. Bergman, L. Balents

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