Nelly Pustelnik


Contact information

Chargée de recherche CNRS CRCN

Equipe SiSyPhe
Laboratoire de Physique - CNRS UMR 5672
ENS de Lyon
46, allée d'Italie
F69007 Lyon, France
Phone number: (+33)4 26 23 38 51
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PhD position 2021: Unfolded proximal algorithms to design deep learning architectures for texture segmentation: [Subject]

The deadline for applications is April 15th 2021.
Applicants must send by email a CV and a statement of interest to Nelly Pustelnik (nelly.pustelnik@ens-lyon. fr).

March 2021: Website for ANR-19-CE48-0009 JCJC Multisc'In 2019-2024.

August 2020 : Acceptance of our work about Spatial and temporal regularization to estimate COVID-19 Reproduction Number R(t): Promoting piecewise smoothness via convex optimization
[Article PLOS ONE]
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September 10-11, 2019: Doctoral school MUSICS, UCLouvain.
"Large scale optimization for imaging. From regularized methods to learning".
[PDF & Jupyter notebook]

Areas of interest

- Inverse problems: piecewise constant denoising, image restauration, poisson noise reconstruction.
- Optimization: proximal algorithms
- Segmentation: TV-based model, Chan-Vese model, Mumford-Shah model
- Texture segmentation: scale-free texture
- Sparsity: non-smooth penalization, compressed sensing, parameter selection

PhD Students/ Post-doctoral researcher

- Giovanni CHIERCHIA (PhD, 2011 -- 2015, Prix de thèse Fondation Télécom)
- Jordan FRECON : (PhD, 2013 -- 2016)
- Mingyuan JIU : (Post-doctoral researcher, Feb. 2016 - Feb. 2017)
- Marion FOARE : (Post-doctoral researcher, Sept. 2017 - Aug. 2018)
- Barbara PASCAL : (PhD, 2017 -- 2020 )
- Laurence DENNEULIN : (PhD, 2017 -- 2020 )
- Hoang Trieu Vy LE : (PhD, 2020-- X )

Scientific responsabilities

Since 2021: IEEE TIP Associate Editor.

Since 2020: IEEE SPL Senior Associate Editor.

Since 2016: IEEE MLSP Technical Committee.

Since 2015: GdR ISIS direction committee (French research group in signal and image processing).
Responsable for interactions with other French research groups (GdR).
Responsable for international relations.

2016-2020: IEEE SPL Associate Editor.

2015-2018: EURASIP SAT Signal and Data Analytics for Machine Learning.


Oct. 2019-now: Visiting professor UCLouvain

2011-now: CNRS, CRCN - Laboratoire de Physique de l'ENS Lyon

2010-2011: Post-doctoral position - IMS - Université de Bordeaux

2007-2010: PhD in Signal and Image Processing - LIGM - Université Paris-Est
Advisors : Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Caroline Chaux, and Claude Comtat

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