Quantum Information and Computation

Fall 2016 at ENS Lyon

General information

This course is an introduction to quantum information science focusing on quantum computation. The plan is to cover the following topics: Prerequisites: Familiarity with linear algebra and probability will be assumed. Prior exposure to quantum information or complexity theory is a plus, but is not assumed.




Date Topic References
Sep 23rd Admin. Introduction to representation of quantum states. Dirac notation. Tensor products.
See this video for an introductory lecture on quantum information science.
Lectures 1,2 of [Wat]
Sep 23rd Finish Random Access Code. Quantum circuits. Superdense coding.
Lecture 3,4 of [Wat]
Oct 3rd Quantum teleportation. Deutsch's algorithm and Simon's algorithm.
Lecture 4,5,6 of [Wat]
Oct 10th Finish Simon's algorithm. Quantum circuits.
Lecture 6,7 of [Wat]
Oct 17th Towards Shor's factoring algorithm: Phase estimation and order finding
Lecture 8,9 of [Wat]
Oct 24th Order finding, factoring. General hidden subgroup problem.
Lecture 9,10 of [Wat]
The quantum query complexity of the hidden subgroup problem is polynomial
Nov 6th Density operators, partial trace. Start quantum cryptography with bit commitment
Lecture 14,15 [Wat]
Nov 14th Attend lecture by Monique Laurent in Amphi B as part of this workshop.
Nov 21st Quantum key distribution. Lecture 18 of [Wat]
Dec 5th Grover search (lecture by Natacha Portier)
Dec 12th Bell inequalities and device-independent quantum cryptography.
Dec 13th From 7:40am to 10am: Students' presentation, session 1



There would be two sessions of presentations. The report is due one week before the presentation (late submission will be penalized). Here are some guidelines.

For the first session (December 13th), we should hear (alphabetical order with some thematic constraints).

The second session is going to be during the exam week

Ideas for projects

What is expected: Reading some papers in an area and writing a report about it and presenting the area. Your report should be written in LaTeX and between 5 and 10 pages is expected per person. Some recent papers: