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2.2  Recent Presentations

2.2.1  The Polytope Model, Past, Present, Future

Slides of a keynote presentation to the 2009 LCPC conference, Newark, DE, October 8, 2009.

2.2.2  New Architectures, New Compilation Problems

Slides for an introductory talk to Martin Griebl’s course at the University of Passau, April 15, 2010.

2.2.3  The Care and Feeding of Polyhedra

Mathematical Bases of the Polyhedral Model at the Spring School on Polyhedral Code Analysis and Optimization, Lyon, May 2013.

2.2.4  Static Analysis of X10 Prgrams

Slides for a presentation at the 10th “Rencontres de la communauté franç de compilation”, March 2013, in French.

2.2.5  Clock and Barrier Removal

Slides for a presentaion by Alain Ketterlin at the Compiler for Parallel Computers workshop, July 2013.

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