I am an Inria junior researcher (chargé de recherches) in the AriC team at École normale supérieure de Lyon.

From Spring 2017 till Summer 2018, I was a postdoc at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) working with Prof. Amit Sahai. I did my Ph.D. in the Crypto Team - CASCADE at École normale supérieure under the supervision of Michel Abdalla from Fall 2013 till Winter 2017.

I am interested in a broad spectrum of cryptography, from theory to practice. My current interests are lattice-based signatures, updatable encryption, and pseudorandomness for secure computation.

Recent events:
Eurocrypt 2023, Lyon, April 2023.

Ph.D. students:
• Calvin Abou Haidar (since Jan. 2021)
• Mahshid Riahinia (since Sep. 2021)

Program Committees: Crypto 2023, PKC 2023, Asiacrypt 2022, PKC 2018.