2022-2024 - AMIRAL: enhAnceMent of lattice-based sIgnatuRes and AppLications to advanced cryptographic protocols, ANR ASTRID - 300,000€

In this joint project with the Irisa crypto team (Rennes), we aim to improve lattice-based signatures. We pursue two main objectives:

    • Improve the efficiency of lattice-based signatures submitted to the NIST competition.
    • Construct advanced forms of lattice-based signatures, such as threshold signatures, blind signatures, and more.

    2021-2024 - RAGE: RAndomness GEneration for advanced cryptography, ANR JCJC - 160,000€

    This project focuses on constructing and analyzing pseudorandom functions that can serve in advanced cryptographic protocols (e.g., MPC, FHE). We aim to:

      • Construct low-complexity pseudorandom functions that are well-suited for MPC-based and FHE-based applications, and analyze their security.
      • Construct advanced forms of pseudorandom functions, such as (private) constrained PRFs.