I have written part or all of the following Maple packages (the date following each program indicates when it was last modified):

BoundRoundingError (May 2024)

Analysis of rounding errors in simple programs operating with floating-point numbers.

CreativeTelescoping (January 2024)

Definite summation and integration by the method of creative telescoping.

gfun (April 2024)

Generating functions package.

NewtonGF (February 2018)

Combinatorial Newton Iteration. Provides in particular the ‘‘Boltzmann oracle’’ for random generation.

MultiSeries (November 2006)

A package for series and asymptotic expansions in general asymptotic scales. A quite recent version is distributed in standard Maple.

encyclopedia (July 2000)

The encyclopedia of combinatorial structures. The code is stable, but the results are improved by using more recent versions of gfun and others. As of 2009, we have a completely new interface due to Alexis Darrasse and Frédéric Chyzak.

gdev (March 2003)

Series expansion and limits (includes the equivalent function). This has been mostly superseeded by the MultiSeries package, except for equivalent, that remains to be ported.

luo (May 1995)

System for the analysis of algorithms. Most of it is now available from the maple package combstruct together with equivalent from gdev.

Algolib (December 2010)

A Maple package that gathers most of the packages above with other code from the Algorithms project.

The DDMF (September 2012)

This was a Dynamic Dictionary of Mathematical Functions, building up on gfun and MultiSeries but also on a lot of new code due to Frédéric Chyzak and other participants to this project.