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I've had the pleasure to collaborate with several talented students and postdocs. Below, you will find their names and the corresponding subjects.


2016 - Lavi Kumar Upreti (PhD, codirected with P. Delplace)
Topological Floquet States
2014 - Thibaud Louvet (PhD, codirected with A. Fedorenko)
Semimetals in Condensed Matter


2016 Clément Gouriou (License 3 internship, codirected with D. Bartolo)
Topological Mechanics
2014 - 2015 Pierre Delplace (Postdoctorate)
Topological Floquet States
Now CNRS researcher at the ENS Lyon.
2013 - 2016 Michel Fruchart (PhD, codirected with K. Gawedzki)
Topological Phases in Condensed Matter
2011 - 2013 Cyril Petitjean (Postdoctorate codirected with E. Orignac)
Interplay between superconductivity and spin orbit.
2013 Michel Fruchart (Master 2 internship)
Topological Insulators [Report]
2013 Victor Jouffrey (Master 1 internship)
Etats de surface de HgTe [Report]
2009 - 2013 Pierre Adroguer (PhD)
Transport properties of topological insulators [Manuscript]
2011 Vincent Debierre (Master 1 internship)
Phase de Hall Quantique de Spin [Report]
2008 - 2009 Andrei Fedorenko (Postdoctorate)
Non-linear Sigma model approach to conductance correlations in a metallic spin glass
Now CNRS researcher at the ENS Lyon.
2009 Pierre Adroguer (Master 2 internship)
Landauer-Buttiker approach to the Quantum Spin Hall Phase [Report]
2008 - 2010 Filippos Klironomos (Postdoctorate, co-directed with E. Orignac)
Numerical study of hybrid junctions Superconductor | Spin Glass | Superconductor.
2007 - 2010 Guillaume Paulin (PhD)
Transport properties of Spin Glass nanowires [Manuscript]
2007 Guillaume Paulin (Master 2 internship)
Mean field theory of the Quantum Ising Spin Glass
2006 Aude Thuries (Master 1 internship)
Landauer formalism applied to Quantum Hall effect [Report]
2004 Kay-Uwe Giering (Master 1 internship co-directed with P. Pujol)
The quantum Ising Spin Glass in One dimension [Report]
2002 Fabien Leonforte (Master 2 internship co-directed with P. Pujol)
Numerical Renormalization of random quantum Ising chains with long range couplings