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Research Interests

The research activity of the past 10 years has been developed in different, complementary directions:
  • Distributed algorithms and protocols for networking. This work resulted in models of problems to be solved with graph based theory approaches, optimization techniques (Integer Linear Programming) and efficient algorithm solutions;
  • My activity then moved to wireless networking and self organized networks, leading to strong constraints on the class of algorithms that need to be designed. This work resulted in distributed algorithms with self stabilization properties and analysis base on stochastic geometry;
  • Within wireless network context, I found very challenging to push my research from theory to practice and fill the gap between pure theorems and applications and investigate in situ experiments. It was a challenge to develop and deploy large scale wireless sensor network applications;
  • Finally, these last years, based on the success of wireless sensor networks, I moved naturally towards the analysis of the data collected by such applications. I found very promising to tackle health and social challenges and engage myself again in the development (both hardware and software, both are chalenging and time consuming) of large scale wireless sensor networks to measure human interactions within health care units. Two deployments were done, one at Bichat Hospital and another at Berck Hospital. The largest experiment was conducted at Berck thanks to the MOSAR project5. In MOSAR project, all contacts between all health care workers and patients -- 600 persons on total -- were recorded every 30sec, 24/7, on a 6 month long period generating millions of snapshots. Moreover, swabs were taken every week to detect antimicrobial-resistant bacteria portages allowing us to track bacteria propagation while following the dynamic of contacts. The DANTE team is now working on the field of complex systems, with an explicit input graph approaches and signal processing, a first step towards a strong interdisciplinary approach.
  • Self-organized Mobile Networks (ad hoc networks, sensor networks);
  • Distributed Systems and algorithms;
  • study and analysis of Large scale dynamic networks (P2P, Telephone, Blogs...);
  • social networks, community detection and spreading phenomena.

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