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GraSP: Graph Signal Processing

IoT-LAB aggregation-tools

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Who did I forget
Did you ever forget someone while organizing an event ? Whether it's a friends get-together, a family dinner or a high-school reunion, give us a rough sketch of who you want to see there and we'll come up with a complete guest list for you and take care of sending the invites.
Create instantly Friend Lists on Facebook, and therefore have a better control on the diffusion of your publications. Lists of friends are automatically generate, using only the information on "who knows who".
Worldsens offers an integrated platform for the design, development, performance evaluation and profiling of applications for wireless sensor networks.
WSNet is an event-driven simulator for wireless networks. Its main features are (1) Node simulation; (2) Environment simulation; (3) Radio medium simulation and (4) Extensibility.
IPv6 addressing architecture in order to be able to support ``pure'' spontaneous ad hoc networks but also to allow seamless integration between wireless LANs and ad hoc networks. Our approach is based on the concept of node identifiers that is crucial in ad hoc netwnetworksorks. The architecture is fully functional, developed for FreeBSD 4.8 and under development for Linux 2.4. It's available for FreeBSD under sourceforge under BSD like licence. under sourceforge.
ANANAS (renamed ana4) is a new architecture for adhoc networks. Based on the combined use of a classical adhoc routing protocol and virtual adhoc interfaces, ana4 allows a complete support for the IPv4 protocol over adhoc networks. It's available for arm-linux and linux under sourceforge under BSD like licence. We are currently finishing the port of ana4 under Windows XP and Windows CE under the NDIS architecture thanks to a Microsoft Research grant.
Auto-configuration in IPv6 has been defined for hosts, but knowledge of the network topology is still required for routers configuration since the SLA part of the IPv6 address reflects the topology. This is not a problem in the context of large companies but it may limit the spread of IPv6 for small companies or for home networking. In this latter case, even if the network size is limited, the topology can be complex due to the use of different technologies (HomePNA, IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth). It is difficult to delegate the network configuration to the ISP since several routers may be necessary. In a simple model, the edge router connected to the ISP forwards packets to the different supports used to compose the home network. This model is very restrictive since, for instance, some wireless networks may be directly unreachable from the edge router but accessible from some intermediary routers. The home network may be multi-homed, since several accesses (GPRS, ADSL,) may be available at the same time. The home network may also evolve dynamically as, for example, Bluetooth links may leave or enter the network.

Our proposal is to define three new OSPFv3 LSAs to allow automatic SLA numerotation of the network links and auto-configuration of routers. Our algorithm guaranties consensus and a strong stability for the SLA chosen by a given link and uniqueness of the TLA-SLA association in a site. One or more edge routers can connect the home network to ISPs. These edge routers can be configured by standard means to learn the TLA from the ISP. Site-local TLA (FEC0::/48) can be used in any case, but must be used explicitly when no other global TLA is advertised.

The zebra implementation is available here.

An IP Next Generation Compliant Java TM Virtual Machine. First JVM compliant with IPv6. Was running under FreeBSD, LInux and even Windows !
Parallel Scilab
for the interactive use of parallel computing from the scilab interpretor.
T9000 and C104 topology simulator. Nostalgic stuff. My first event simulator !

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