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Current PhD Students

Former PhD Students

  • Yannick Leo: structure des reseaux dynamiques
  • Matteo Morini: analyse des grandes donnees sous forme de graphes
  • Benjamin Girault: Traitement du Signal sur Graphes -- Contributions à un Domaine Emergent.
  • Lucie Martinet: iBird: Individual Based Investigation of Resistance Dissemination
  • Adrien Friggeri: Overlapping Community Detection
  • Qinna Wang: Dynamic Community detection
  • Elyes Ben Hamida: Provisionning MAC for WSN, R&D Expert - Research Scientist at QU Wireless Innovations Center (QUWIC)
  • Andreea Chis: Sensor Network Cross Layer Optimization
  • Jialiang Lu: IPv6 benefits in spontaneous networks
  • Fabrice Theoleyre: Mobility management in hybrid networks. Research Officer, CNRS
  • Nathalie Mitton: Self organizing ad hoc networks. Research Officer, INRIA POPS
  • Guillaume Chelius: Ad hoc network architecture and communications. Inria Research Officer, CEO of HiKoB
  • Hend Koubaa: Service Location protocol for ad-hoc networks.Associate Professor, Tunis

Current Master Students

Former Master Students

  • Florent Robic
  • Yannick Leo
  • Oana Iova
  • Vincent Neiger
  • Patrycja Chowaniec
  • Barthelemy Mathieu
  • Razvan Stanica: Community algorithms
  • Elhaj Hichem: MAC protocols for sensor networks
  • Alexander Stauffer: Analysis of dynamic WSN
  • Ivan Gordon Medrano: Sampling packet for networking monitoring
  • Igor Perret: Sensor bootloader
  • Xose Lois Diaz Queijeiro: Mutimedia transport protocols in ad hoc networks
  • Manel Ben Jdidia: P2P dissemination for multi-hop wireless networks
  • Fouad BAYA: Frequency hoping in ad hoc networks
  • K Boutale: Notion of robustness in ad hoc networks
  • Ashish Ameena: Information dissemination in ad hoc networks
  • Alexis Arnaud: Dense zone characterization
  • Guillaume Chelius: Multicast Ad Hoc networks routing protocols.
  • Hend Koubaa: Active multicasting
  • Mouna Benaissa: QoS and ad-hoc networks
  • Vahagn Donabédian: Collective communications and routing in fat-tree architectures
  • Alain Bouchareissa: Simulator of topologies based on T9000 and C104

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