Library RelationAlgebra.kat_untyping

kat_untyping: untyping theorem for KAT

We prove a strong untyping theorem for KAT:
  • types can be erased (as in the untyping theorem in untyping)
  • predicate variables of distinct types can be merged
The proofs are quite simple since we can perform them at the level of guarded string languages: unlike for KA, we proved typed completeness of KAT w.r.t. these models.

Require Import kat gregex ugregex ordinal positives glang.
Set Implicit Arguments.

Section s.
Variable Pred: nat.
Notation Atom := (ord (pow2 Pred)).
Notation Sigma := positive.
Variables src tgt: Sigma positive.
Notation pred := (ord Pred).
Notation gregex := (gregex_kat_ops Pred src tgt).
Notation ugregex := (ugregex_monoid_ops Pred ugregex_tt ugregex_tt).
Notation glang := (@gregex.lang Pred src tgt).
Notation uglang := (@ugregex.lang Pred).
Notation typed := (@typed' Atom src tgt).

type-erasing function on extended regular expressions

Fixpoint gerase n m (e: gregex n m): ugregex :=
  match e with
    | g_zer _ _ _ ⇒ 0
    | g_prd _ _ pu_prd p
    | g_pls e fgerase e + gerase f
    | g_dot e fgerase e gerase f
    | g_itr e(gerase e)^+
    | g_var iu_var _ i

charaterisation of the guarded string language of erased epressions

Lemma uglang_gerase n m (e: gregex n m):
  uglang (gerase e) eval (fun _traces_tt) (fun _ ⇒ @lsyntax.e_var _) tsingle e.
  induction e; simpl gerase.
   apply lang_0.
   simpl. rewrite lsyntax.eval_var. reflexivity.
   now apply cup_weq.
   now apply dot_weq.
   now apply itr_weq.

Corollary gerase_weq n m: Proper (weq ==> weq) (@gerase n m).
Proof. intros ? ? H. simpl. unfold u_weq. rewrite 2uglang_gerase. apply (H _ _ _). Qed.

the a priori untyped guarded string language of a typed gregex is necessarily typed

Lemma typed_uglang_gerase n m (e: gregex n m): typed n m (uglang (gerase e)).
  induction e.
   intros [|] H. discriminate. destruct H.
   apply typed'_inj.
   apply typed'_single.
   revert IHe1 IHe2. apply typed'_cup.
   revert IHe1 IHe2. apply typed'_dot.
   revert IHe. apply typed'_itr.

we can thus recover the typed language out of the untyped one

Notation restrict := (restrict src tgt).

Theorem untype_glang n m (e: gregex n m): glang e restrict n m (uglang (gerase e)).
  symmetry. induction e.
   setoid_rewrite lang_0. apply restrict_0.
   setoid_rewrite restrict_inj. simpl. unfold ttraces_weq. simpl. now rewrite lsyntax.eval_var.
   apply restrict_single.
   etransitivity. 2: apply cup_weq; eassumption. apply restrict_pls.
   etransitivity. 2: apply dot_weq; eassumption. apply restrict_dot; apply typed_uglang_gerase.
   etransitivity. 2: apply itr_weq; eassumption. apply restrict_itr; apply typed_uglang_gerase.

End s.