Scheduling Course
Master 2 -- ENS Lyon

Lecture 1: Introduction to scheduling (17/09/2010 & 24/09/2010)

Lecture 2: Divisible Load Scheduling (24/09/2010 & 01/10/2010 & 08/10/2010)

Lecture 3: Steady-State Scheduling (08/10/2010 & 15/10/2010)

Lecture 4: Iterative Algorithm, Load Balancing and Redistribution (22/10/2010)
Lecture 5: Online Scheduling, by Frédéric Vivien (5/11/2010)
Lecture 6: Approximation Algorithms, by Marin Bougeret (10/11/2010)
Lecture 7: Platform Modeling and Scheduling (15/11/2010)


The exams will be organized around research articles. Each student has to choose a group of two papers in the following list, and has to present and comment them. The students must write a report (4 to 8 page long), and present it in front of the class (20 minutes of talk + 10 minuts of questions). Since this is not enough to thoroughly present both papers, the students are asked to:

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