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Martin Vérot


License 3rd year (L3)

Chemical Kinetics (Transition State Theory, Brief introduction to statistical physics). (6 hours +exam)

Typesetting with LaTeX. (6 hours)

Practical experiments. (24 hours)

  • With kinetics, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry

Atoms, molecules and bonding. (24 hours) Exercises (vibrations, rotation, hyrogen-like atoms, perturbation theory, orbital diagrams, electronic terms, interaction of configuration)

Master 1 (M1)

Orbitalar chemistry. (20 hours)

Theoretical chemistry. (12 hours)

  • Course about clusters, solids, Dewar-Zimmerman rules

Inorganic chemistry. (8 hours)

  • Course about Marcus Theory and the geometry of inorganic compounds

Preparation to the "Agrégation de Physique-Chimie : option chimie" (M2 FEADéP)

Inorganic chemistry, complexes : their spectroscopy and reactivity from an orbitalar point of vue. (10 hours + exam)


Orbitalar chemistry

Mock exam : le fer : métallurgie (haut-fourneau), corrosion, isothermes d'adsorption, spectroscopie Mössbauer, .

Miscellaneous : Semaine sport-études, mini-leçons, corrections de leçons et montages, devoir pour l'agrégation externe de physique en chimie

I created a website to help people preparing this competitive examination, with plans for different lessons, a complete list of practical experiments, several corrections for the written part of the exam (2005A, 2005B, 2007B, 2008C), help for the oral and written part, etc. All my documents related to the preparation of this exam are posted on this website.

I wrote correction for the CAPES (competitive exam to become a high scool teacher in France) : 2009-2012 in Chemistry and 2012 in physics.

Preparation to the "Agrégation de Physique-Chimie : option physique" (M2 FEADéP)

Thermodynamics equilibrium, first and second principle, affinity, binary diagrams, colligative properties

Electrochemistry oxydoreduction, electrodes, j-E curves, electrolytes, conductimetry, electrolysis, Faradaic efficiency,

Kinetic order, elementary reaction, Arrhénius law, Van't Hoff rule

Atoms and molecules Orbitals, fragments, inorganic chemistry, orbital diagrams.

Practical experiments organic and inorganic chemistry, undergraduate level.

Oral interrogations

Oral interrogations in chemistry for students in their 2nd year at the Lycée Assomption Bellevue. (Bac+2, préparation intégrée ITECH 2)


Volunteer to help unfavored students. (September 2006 - June 2007)

Participation to the "Olympiades de la chimie" where high school students were invited to practise some experiments around the theme of water. (2010-2011)

Participation to the "Fête de la science" (2011-2014) where students of every age and science level can learn more about science in general. My contributions was about fold it to show why calculations bring a deep insight for science experiments.

  • Slides (494 Ko)
  • Interview (first three minutes of the second track, a few corrections : I'm AGPR and not PRAG, and I only use Foldit but did not participate in the project.)
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