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Martin Vérot


L'électrochimie : de l'électron aux smartphones

  • (Pint of science, Lyon, 15th May 2017)

À priori, rien ne semble relier nos smartphone, la botanique et le service des urgences. Et pourtant, tous ces domaines ont en commun le partage -- non pas d'une bière -- mais de quelque chose d'encore plus simple : l'électron. Nous verrons à quel point les applications de cette science -- l'électrochimie -- sont variées et originales.

Electron transport through a molecular junction with a multiconfigurational description

  • (CFCAM, Toulouse, 21st June 2011)
  • (Group meeting, Lyon, 27th January 2012)
  • (JujolsVI, Sevilla, 1st February 2012)
  • (PhD Day, Lyon, 15th March 2012)

The importance of the multiconfigurational description of the junction electronic structure is investigated in quantum transport through molecular devices. Using an accurate wavefunction-based description of the low-energy spectroscopy, transport through a 2-electron/2-molecular orbital prototype is evaluated, covering lowly – H2-like – to highly – O2-like – correlated regimes. The contributions arising from the presence of competing singlet and triplet states in magnetic systems are analyzed. It is shown that the electronic conductivity provides a signature of the full multiplet energy spectrum, as well as of the multideterminant structure of wavefunctions.

Transport in organic radicals : ab initio spectroscopy and phenomenological approach.

  • (LCQS, Strasbourg, 27th January 2011)
  • (JujolsV, Horta de Sant Joan, 8-10 November 2010)
  • (Master 2, Lyon, 15th July 2010)
  • (ECMM, Paris, 22th November 2011)
  • (GECOM-CONCOORD 2010, Lyon, 2010)

Chemistry of stable radicals opened a new insight for spintronics. The unpaired electron on an organic molecule is responsible for multiple properties : magnetism, conductivity, absorbance. Despite the abundance of experimental data, electronic phenomena linked to those properties are not yet fully understood. The further development of radical chemistry requires a deeper understanding thanks to high level computations. Thanks to these calculations, chemists will be able to fully master the properties of this family of molecules.

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