Paulo Gonçalves

Inria senior researcher in the project DANTE
A joint team of Inria Rhone-Alpes and ENS Lyon (LIP)

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Signal Processing applied to Networks
Time-Frequency Analysis
Time-Scale Analysis
Description: This entirely data-driven algorithm introduced by N. E. Huang decomposes iteratively a complex signal into elementary AM-FM type components (Intrinsic Mode Functions). The rationale of this decomposition is to locally identify in the signal the most rapid oscillations (defined as the waveform interpolating interwoven local maxima and minima). This sifting scheme is reiterated on the remainder once the highest frequency component has been identified and removed from the signal.
Joint work with: Patrick Flandrin (ENS-Lyon), Gabriel Rilling (ENS-Lyon), Jean-Claude Nunes (Univ. of Rennes 1)
Wavelets and Fractals
Wavelets History
by I. Daubechies
Wavelets and Statistics
Other applications

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