Paulo Gonçalves

Inria senior researcher in the project DANTE
A joint team of Inria Rhone-Alpes and ENS Lyon (LIP)

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Signal Processing applied to Networks
Time-Frequency Analysis
Time-Scale Analysis
Wavelets and Fractals
Wavelets History
by I. Daubechies
Description: We use wavelet transforms, and more generaly affine distributions to estimate scaling exponents such as:
  • local Holder regularity
  • long range dependence exponent (Hurst parameter)
  • self-similar parameter
Time-scale descriptions adequately convey the scaling structures that systematically underly these features. In short, estimation ammounts to identify power-law dynamics in signal energy distributions across scales. In practice, we perform in log-log plots, linear regressions of wavelets coefficients (or transformations of them) against scale.
Joint work with: Patrice Abry, Patrick Flandrin
Wavelets and Statistics
Other applications

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