Paulo Gonçalves

Inria senior researcher in the project DANTE
A joint team of Inria Rhone-Alpes and ENS Lyon (LIP)

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Signal Processing applied to Networks
Time-Frequency Analysis
Time-Scale Analysis
Description: We introduced a new set of tools for time-varying spectral analysis: the pseudo affine Wigner distributions. Based on the affine Wigner distributions of J. and P. Bertrand, these time-scale distributions support efficient online operation at the same computational cost as the continuous wavelet transform. Moreover, they take advantage of the proportional bandwidth smoothing inherent in the sliding structure of their implementation to suppress cumbersome interference components. To formalize their place within the echelon of the affine class of time-scale distributions, we extended the definition of this class and introduced other natural generators.
Joint work with: Richard Baraniuk (Rice Univ.)
Wavelets and Fractals
Wavelets History
by I. Daubechies
Wavelets and Statistics
Other applications

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