Edwige Cyffers

Phd Student in Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

Esprit Sorcier 2022

TV show in science popularization

I participated in a TV show on Artificial Intelligence. Esprit Sorcier is directed by Fred, former co-presenter in “C’est pas sorcier” a French educational TV show. With a group of PhD students of Lille and with the help of the lab Geriico we interacted with various public from children to researchers and businessmen to gather point of view on definitions and challenges in Artificial Intelligence.

Coordinator at MEMO

Correcting Algebra problems at the Middle European Mathematical Olympiad in Bern, Switzerland

While in high school, I enjoyed being a contestant at EGMO, and it was a key moment to decide to pursue in STEM. Since then, I am happy to volunteer in such event. I was coordinator for Algebra during the MEMO.

Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning summer school

A week for discovering crypto side of PPML in Copenhagen

I attended this Summer School. It was a very nice opportunity to discover FHE and MPC and the current challenges and expectations in the crypto community. It was for me a good introduction to Fully Homomorphic Encryption, from high level principles to concrete-ml use, the occasion to look at attacks on machine learning while meeting with a lot of other PhD students.

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