Edwige Cyffers

Phd Student in Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

I did the first semester in ENS de Lyon : information theory, parallel programming, optimization and approximation algorithms, compilation and probabilities. I did the second semester at ETH as a SWEP student. I did a research internship with Hoda Heidari, in the LAS group .

ENS Lyon

With a mainly theoretical approach and projects. The lectures include both proofs on halting problems and writing assembly code (I did a Tetris), NP-completeness reduction and preparation to coding competitions.

I realized a research internship of six weeks to finish my Bachelor. I worked in the team Mnemosyne at INRIA Bordeaux under the supervision of Nicolas Rougier. Here is my report.

At Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

I completed this degree in parallel of my studies at ENS with a “A” classification (in the 10% best students).

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