Edwige Cyffers

Phd Student in Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

Introduction to Combinatorics

Club de mathématiques discrètes de Lyon

I designed and taught two lectures for beginners on Combinatorics. With a total of 8 hours, this course introduces typical reasoning and the needed background to model these problems in a mathematical way.

Here the lectures notes

Rendez-vous des jeunes mathématiciennes

Promote girls in maths studies !

I co-organized the first Rendez-vous des jeunes mathématiciennes in Lyon, with the financial support of Animath. 30 girls in high school met during three intensive days to discover Olympic mathematics. I was responsible of both mathematical (tutorial, lectures) and non mathematical parts (housing, food, games, workshop on stereotypes). I wrote an article on this experience.

I was one of the assistant. In one week, girls discover programming and code a little game in Python. We also have RasberryPi programming and web.

Here for the official website.

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